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About Us

WESI Land Use Consultants, LLC has a long standing reputation for providing reliable Civil Engineering & Land Surveying services. Our company strives to meet the needs of homeowners and developers in the way that best suits their project needs and places the highest priority on meeting the client’s goals.

We have well-trained and seasoned support staff who take great pride in their work. Our personnel roster includes Licensed Civil Engineering & Surveying Professionals with a wide range of knowledge and project experience.

Mike Long founded WESI Land Use Consultants LLC, literally being raised in the industry, his experience and knowledge has been ingrained, starting at the age of 12. He (& his brother) began working on a survey field crew during summer breaks, back when it was “ok” to teach kids hard work ethic. Prior to his father partial retirement, Mike was solely responsible for the Land Survey Department for more than 15 years as well as running the day-to-day operations of Western Engineers & Surveyors, Inc. Being immersed in a family business from a very early age has given him a well rounded education with business acumen and insight the one gets working with family and close knit, ever-growing community. He has a keen eye for detail and places great importance on customer satisfaction while building long term client relationships. Mike has also completed his own personal land developments projects and therefore understands the client prospective through the long jurisdictional process and costs associated to develop raw land sites. Raised in Everett, and after attending Western WA Uni in Bellingham, Mike leveraged his education and experience to work for one of the largest elevator companies, both in the field erecting elevators, as well as moving into the management field as regional construction manager.  Although the work was fulfilling, Mike’s roots are grounded in the PNW and after a few years, he returned to WA to start his own family. Mike is credited with over 40 years in the Survey & Engineering industry and stands behind his motto that “doing it right always costs less than doing it over”. In his free time, he enjoys riding motorcycles, trap shooting, and traveling abroad.

Randy Sleight, Corporate Surveyor, is dual licensed as Professional Land Surveyor and Civil Engineer, additionally accredited F.ASCE. Also born and raised in the Puget Sound area, he graduated from UW and started his land survey career surveying around campus, in some areas today, can still find the markers set long ago. His engineering experience is unparalleled having been a key person in creating local drainage standards for the area and still being used by the jurisdictions. After years of operating his own land use company, he spent more than a decade with Snohomish County PDS, and for most of that tenure, ran the engineering department. His knowledge and insight is extensive which provides our projects a strong base in design elements. He is extremely active, hiking regularly, an avid baseball fan attending AquaSox games as often as possible, working with counsel historians to preserve survey data for our country, serving his church and community each week. Loves a good cup of coffee to start his day and great steak to end it. No idea when he has time to sleep!

Timothy Sarkela PE, Corporate Engineer, leads the Engineering department and has been with WESI since 2014. As a Licensed Professional Engineer, he has become very experienced working with most jurisdictions throughout the Puget Sound region. Born and raised in the PNW, Tim is familiar with the history, and growth in the surrounding areas. In his spare time he enjoys immersing in his gaming community, watching movies, building ‘extreme’ Legos and spending time outdoors around the unpredictable local weather.

Jessica Johnson is another local, Seattleite actually, gradually moving North over the years. Loves this state with its vast climates and the fact it has all 4 seasons. Despite what others might think about the rain here, says is always something to do! She has been with WESI since 2013 and has her hands in much of the operations, from managing the client accounts, provides planning and feasibility guidance, runs the engineering project schedule and is the primary permit coordinator. Jess spends time with her family and dogs outside of the work days, enjoys good food (& drinks) always in search for new ‘mom & pop’ places to support, ready for road trips or quickie getaways when ever possible & willing to talk sports anytime – not a ‘band-wagoner” Seattle fan!

Ken Long, PLS, is our retired corporate surveyor, but still shows his face around the office now & then offering tidbits of advice. He founded Western Engineers & Surveyors, Inc after serving in Special Forces during Vietnam and returning to college (WSU & EWU) he ran the company with assistance of family for more than 45 years until his partial retirement and closure of the company in 2021. He is a Licensed Professional Surveyor and is credited with nearly 50 years of experience providing multiple services to the local community.  He was born and raised along the Washington/Idaho border (asotin, if you’ve ever heard of it), and has a love of the Pacific Northwest for all it has to offer. After meeting his wife in college and having children, he moved the family to Everett, received his Professional Surveyor License and hung his shingle as a Service Disabled Veteran. In his spare time, he plays outdoors whenever possible either snowmobiling, river rafting, or flying his piper airplane. If you miss him at the office midday, most times you can find him at a local Subway having, what he claims are, “the best sandwiches”…yuuummm!

    Association Memberships

  • ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers)
  • LSAW (Land Surveyors’ Association of Washington)
  • MBA (Master Builders Association)

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